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Marico’s Singapore Report / Tiong Bahru

Do you know Tiong Bahru area? Here is one of the oldest residential street. But recently a lot of trendy shops (restaurant,café,bookstore) has been opened, the area is probably a hippest town in Singapore right now.



1. Wine by the glass

wine by the glass 2

wine by the glass 1


They offer wine in a glass tube. We can enjoy some premium wine without open a bottle of wine. Although it’s a little of expensive, the tasting gift box is good for a special present which we takes various wine-producing district.

Wine by the glass
55 Tiong bahru Road, #01-53, Singpaore
Tel +65 6220 0520  Open Sun-Sat 9am-19pm




2. The French Book shop

The French Bookshop 1

It’s a bookstore which collected many French books. They exhibit latest work of some artists every month. I recommend visiting after “Wine by the glass” because there are in the same building.
Wine by the glassと同じ建物の奥にあるフランス書籍を中心とした本屋さん。お店の中で毎月異なるアーティストの作品も展示されている。8畳ぐらいの小さい店なのでワインチューブのお店とセットで訪れよう!


The French Book Shop
55 Tiong bahru Road, #01-53C, Singpaore 

Open Tue-Sat 11am-18pm   Sun 11am-15pm Mon closed