Maddy’s Column


The charming point of Tokyo is the mixture of luxury atmosphere and downtown’s traditional atmosphere. Neon-glittering busy night streets, edgy ambience where stylish people come and go…everything is special in Tokyo and I cannot stop loving Tokyo after all!
But, summer time is extraordinarily hot and humid recently, and I feel that Japan’s climate is gradually shifting to subtropical climate.




Japanese people
Do you hesitate talking to the Japanese people??
I’m sure you do, as most of them look tired with smartphones on their hands especially on the metro. But don’t worry! The Japanese are just shy! Go and ask them when you need help! Even if they don’t understand English very well, they will probably take care of you with gestures and all. And I’ll tell you about their hidden skills…they tend to get very cheerful when they get drunk! I would definitely recommend you to go to one of Izakayas, a Japanese style pub, during your stay. You might be able to have fun if you talk to the people sitting next to you with a glass of beer.




Mega City
Tokyo is a mega city with 13,000 residents. Metros, trains, and buses…they are all complicated. Even us, Tokyo people, easily to be get lost sometimes. Shibuya and Shinjyuku station is massive and you may have a trouble at transit…so why not just try to have fun instead, by accepting them as some kind of labyrinth.




I remember my German friend once said that when talking to the Japanese people, she try to pronounce the end of a word.
“Straigh-TO”, “He-RE”, “Sto-PU” 
I can pick up the words forever… but I guess it may be the so-called “Japan-glish”. It may be worth trying!